Facebook on LJ???
Got some long inspiring notes from my good friend hlwar today, and I have a sudden idea....perhaps what I post on Facebook, can be done here, too? Any way to 'simultaneously-post' here, when I do say my precious words on FB, so I won't have to type the same thing twice...can pics be shared??? ....at least my feed won't get 'fixed' so I never show up! Stupid Facebook algorithms that keep getting changed...hope I make sense here! ^^;

I hate the holidays, and Facebook!
Well, whatever Christmas I spirit I had before, has completely vanished. There has been a terrible fight over on the Facebook page I am an Admin at, and feel pressure to choose sides. There is a multi-day storm looming over my area, most of it predicted to be freezing rain, crushing plans I had to get out and get some Christmas lights photos, especially for my ailing FB friend. I NEED to get more storage bins, I want to start some Christmas crafts, but I never feel 'well' enough, and stuff gets in the way...

I start every Christmas season with so much hope, and by the 10th or so, depression always sets in, when I realize I am late with everything again, certain family members STILL refuse to touch base with me, the weather does not cooperate, car trouble... I always think 'this year will be different' but...it never is...

A start of something strange and perhaps fabulous...
Well everyone, I may finally put this account to good use. This is what I want to do here...

Write about my favorite anime/manga fanart findings from Deviantart (inspired by my very first follower over there, I think she knows who she is!)

Series I plan to cover: Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Code Geass, Alice Heart/Clover No Kuni, everything by Kaori Yuki, Death Note, and also several 'under-rated' series...

I also wish to write about interesting happenings and musings about my life...or life in general...life as an 'over-aged' fangirl, who will remain young-at-heart forever!

Please enjoy my tenure here, everyone crazy enough to follow me! ;)


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